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Greeting Wordings

Congratulations on your Grand Opening!
Congratulations for New Office Opening!
Congratulations to Your Grand Opening!
Congratulations to Business Expansion!
Congratulations with all blessing  !
Congratulations on Your Grand Opening of New Office  !
Congratulations to Your Office Grand Opening,Wish You All Success !
Congratulations to the Grand Opening of (Co Name)  !
Congratulations on the Grand Opening of Your Office  !
Congratulations to the Grand Opening of (Kowloon/HongKong) Flagship !
Congratulations on the Grand Opening of (Sheung Wan) New Shop !
Congratulations and may Your Success Continue!
Congratulations and Best Wishes to you on your New Venture !
Congratulations with all Blessing & Wish You All Successes   !
Congratulations of Your New Shop Opening  !
Congratulations for Opening and All the Best  !
Congrats on the Opening of Your Shop !
Grand Opening of xxxxxxxxxx  !
Celebration of Grand Opening  !
Wishing you a Successful Performance  !
Here wishing you many good fortunes  !
Heartiest Congratulations !
Great Performance  !

Happy Anniversary Wordings

XXXth Anniversary Celebration!
Celebration of XXth Anniversary!
Congratulations on the XXth Anniversary !
Congratulations on your XXth Anniversary !
Congratulation for the XXth Anniversary !
Congratulations for Your Company's XXth Anniversary!
Congratulations for the XXth Anniversary of (Receiver Co Name)
Congratulations to the XXth Anniversary of (Receiver Co Name)


Removal Wordings

Congratulations to Your Office Removal  !
Congratulations on Your Removal of New Office  !
Congratulation to Moving in your New Office !
Congratulation ! Removal Grand Opening Ceremony  !



Exhibition Wordings 

Congratulations ! Good Luck & Every Success !
Wishing You Every Success at the Exhibition!
Wishing you a Successful Exhibition!


New Born Wordings

Congratulation on the birth of your little one  !
Congratulations on your newest family member  !
Enjoy being a Mom!
Little Prince/Princess, Welcome to the World  !
Heartfelt congratulations and praise God for the New Life  !
Congratulations to you … And blessings to your New Born Girl  ! 
We are all very happy for the new baby,Congratulations!!
Congratulations on Your Newest Family Member!And Welcome the Little (Princess/Prince)
Congratulations to the expansion of the (XXX) Household !   
Congratulations to you,and Blessings to your New Born Girl !
May Life be Especially Sweet for Your Little Baby Boy/ Girl
Welcome to this funny world....Wish you a happy and Peaceful Life...
Congratulations on your New Baby (XXX) !! Wishing you and your Family All the Very Best!!
Wish (XXX) Grow up Healthily and Happily :)
Congrats to you Both,the New Mom & Dad! We are
so Happy for You!
Congratulation the Birth of your Handsome New Baby !

Congratulations on the arrivals of your twin Angels/Kids! This is"Double Happiness"in Chinese !

                     Get Well Soon

Take Care and Get Well Soon
Wish you a Swift Recovery
We wish you a very Speedy Recovery






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